We learn your needs and figure out what we can help you with
We base a plan around your needs and create a system that works for you..
We create your system and based on the plan and have everything primed and ready to go
Blast off! Congratulations, time to start attaining the exactly what you're looking for.
Who We Are
Studio and People
Grassway is a burgeoning marketing house based in Toronto. The studio specializes in creating simple, yet effective ways to put you and your offer in front of people you can help. This approach is called “Perfect Match” whereby marketing is the force behind the clarity and focus of your business, we make sure you get the projects you’re looking without you having to do anything. The studio’s work lies at the intersection of commerce and culture and includes; funnel creation, value sessions, social media marketing, & e-mail marketing. The studio has helped some of the world’s largest and most prestigious brands use marketing to succeed in the modern global marketplace.

Grassway has evolved to operate under an “associates” model, whereby each discipline of the studio is led by a highly skilled copywriter, traffic specialist, website designer, or strategist. This structure, combined with a highly collaborative studio culture, allow each project to benefit from the both the experience of senior level strategist and the fresh perspective of a team with diverse areas of marketing expertise.